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Rolling Welsh Countryside

5 Day Retreat Centre

Canine Flow

Caroline Griffith

Our 5-day retreat centre is nestled in the rolling hills of the stunning Welsh countryside. Named after a Celtic goddess of transformation, it's the perfect location to connect with the energies of this ancient land.

Bring your dog to relax, unwind and have the space and freedom to disconnect from the stresses of the world and connect with each other. Deepen your understanding of Canine Flow and find peace and tranquillity together, freeing your energy to grow in abundance and joy.

This is a safe space for your dog to be a dog, connecting with their hearts. Space to roam, space to play and space to feel safe, calm and peaceful.
The dogs are the heart of this retreat, and we come together to focus on them. They are given time and space with no pressure to participate‚ÄĒobserved by our founder and Master Practitioner, Caroline Griffith.

Indulge in delicious, soul-nourishing vegan food to honour all animals who may energetically be part of your retreat. Relax in our cosy, communal living space, and rest in your own room (free to snuggle with your pooch on the bed).



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