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A specialist website for Dog Owners and Professional Dog Businesses in the UK.

Professional Dog Businesses UK lists the Businesses in the UK who are providing a professional Dog Service. Here we list the Best of the Best in the UK! Those who have the necessary insurance, licence, qualifications, training and experience to provide the best care for your dog. Only businesses that use force-free training methods are approved. We also list Canine Services.

Dog Owners can find a professional in their area for FREE. All the dog services you need, all in one place! 

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Dog Owners

Are you a dog owner and you need help and advice to find the best care for your dog?

Are you unsure which dog business to use in your area ..... are they insured? are they qualified, what qualifications do they have? are they licensed? have they done training? what experience do they have? are they using force-free training methods?

There are hundreds of dog businesses now in the UK, but how do you know which ones are professionals? Many are running with no qualifications, no licences or even insurance. Your dog deserves the best! We make life simple by only listing professionals!

Professional Dog Businesses UK helps you to find the best care for your beloved dog. All businesses listed on our website are professionals; they have the necessary: insurance, licence, qualifications, training and experience required for their service. Force free dog businesses are only approved. We also list Canine services such as dog products, dog photographers and artists, rescue centres and more. 

Find a professional in your area for FREE on this website. All the dog services you need all on one website from Dog Grooming to Hydrotherapy! 

Visit our 'Dog Owners' page for helpful tips. 

Professional Dog Businesses

Do you run a professional dog business in the UK and would like to register with us?

Are you insured, licensed, qualified, trained, experienced in relation to your service area? Do you use force-free training methods? If Yes to these questions, then join us! 

Please take a look at the 'Join PDBUK' page on the website for full details including the benefits of joining us. To request a registration form please email: info@professionaldogbusinessesuk.co.uk

Force- Free Training & Methods Only

All Canine Businesses listed must have the training, qualifications & experience needed to provide the best service. They must continue to keep up to date by completing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) whilst being a member of PDBUK. All Canine Professionals must use the most up to date force -free tools & methods only.

Each business has to complete a registration form to join us and show proof of academic qualifications, theoretical knowledge and hands on experience, 

Choke, prong or shock collars are not acceptable under any circumstance. Any methods and tools which cause pain force or fear are also not acceptable under any circumstance. 

PDBUK only accepts businesses using force-free tools and methods

Professional Dog Businesses UK is proud to be an Organisation supporting the position paper of the initiative for force-free dog training!

View us at:

organsations - forcefree-dogtraining.org

Dog Welfare is our number one priority.

Professional Dog Businesses UK is raising the standards of the dog industry and helping to stamp out unprofessional companies. 

Professional Dog Businesses UK is proud to be a Pro Member of the Dog Welfare Alliance (DWA)

We support the DWA's Force-Free Ethics. 

View us at:

Organisations and Companies (thedogwelfarealliance.co.uk)