Professional Dog Businesses UK - Join Us!


Are you running a professional Canine Business in the UK, are you: insured, licensed, qualified, trained and experienced? If yes, then join us! 


Professional Dog Businesses UK (PDBUK) is not just a directory we are a voice for all Canine Businesses who comply with the legislation, those who are competent and have engaged fully into the occupation by gaining: qualifications, training, experience, insurance and are licensed in relation to their service.


Together we can:

1. Educate the public on the qualities they need to look for when choosing a pet care service for their dog

2. Help make the dog industry more regulated by stamping out unprofessional businesses

3. Improve dog welfare.


This is a great opportunity to:

1. Join other professional canine businesses

2. To become recognised as a professional

3. To really sell your services and gain extra exposure

4. To attract new customers, to increase brand awareness and improve local visibility

5. To expand your online presence

6. To join us and campaign to promote public awareness of only using professional dog businesses who comply with legislation

7. As a team we can improve dog welfare!


Your own professional listing has direct links to your website/social media accounts as well as displaying your logo, qualifications and contact details. Your business is shared on all our social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram, giving your business extra advertising at no extra cost. By joining us you will be joining a team of professionals, you may be fully booked and not require any further advertising but instead you can be; recognised as a professional, help to stamp out unprofessional businesses, and improve dog welfare. Together we can set the standards for others, and make the canine industry more regulated.


All PDBUK members receive:

1. A personalised membership certificate

2. Personal membership number

3. Use of our logo on any of your promotional material

4. Option to feature blogs articles posts and advertisements on all our social media platforms at no extra cost

5. Be recognised as a professional business

6. Access to our dog business community

7. Admin support and advise for general issues

8. Listing on our website directory

9. Subscription to our email updates.


All professional dog businesses can advertise their services at a fair and competitive rate. Membership fee is £30 for a year, this price is fixed and you are not tied into a contract. Becoming a member and listing your business is easy and it only takes a few minutes. Simply send us an email and message ‘Join’ I will then email you our registration listing form.