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The New Hope Animal Rescue 


Niall Lester

New Hope Animal Rescue is an independent, non-destruct animal rescue & Sanctuary.

We are dedicated to helping animals facing euthanasia, in immediate danger & those with either medical needs or behavioural problems that make them difficult to place. We aim to help as many animals and in particular those that have been turned away elsewhere. We also give sanctuary to rescued horses, farm animals and fowl.

We have two sites, one in Dartford, Kent which concentrates on our dog rescue, where we hold about forty dogs at a time and the other is our Sanctuary site in Herne Bay, Kent. Our Sanctuary site looks after about four hundreds animals at a time ranging from dogs, cats, small domestics & wildlife to birds, goats, cows, sheep, pigs & horses. We occasionally rehome animals that we consider rehomeable but often act as the middle man between immediate danger & rescue spaces.
We work alongside a vast pool of other rescue organisations to make safe as many animals as we can. New Hope has no paid staff, including its founders who work full time to cover as much cost as possible. We are always in need of donations to cover a vast array of expenses that are incurred including food, bedding, enormous vet bills, kennel bills, transport costs & continuous improvement of animal housing & sites.



New Hope Animal Rescue | Facebook


Old English Sheepdog Rehoming and Welfare Society


John Weaver

Established in 2006 we have rehomed over 350 dogs in that time and have worked with the RSPCA and The Dogs Trust. 

We are breed specific and also give advise for potential new owners who wish to buy a puppy. 

The society has been set-up:

  • To care for the health and welfare of the breed.
  • To re-home any dogs in need of a loving home.
  • To provide new owners with advice .
  • To direct potential new owners to reputable breeders.
  • To promote the good nature of the breed.

We urgently need new homes, Permanent and Foster.

Older dogs in particular are in need of short term foster.

We also need volunteers for home checks in all areas .

I would like to confirm that the society is not a registered charity and does not require donations we are self funded and a none profit making society. Also we do assess all dogs that we re- home and all homes that are taking a dog.


01217 882 326

07801 354 974 

Oakwood Dog Rescue


Oakwood Dog Rescue was founded in 2009 to help dogs find their forever homes. We are based in Hull, East Yorkshire and specialise in rehoming ex-street dogs from overseas as well as UK dogs. Our goal is 'One Home Only' we do not operate on finding homes as fast as possible, instead, we match our dogs to the best homes we can to ensure they stay in the home they have found. 

To continue running the rescue we depend entirely on donations and fundraisers.



01482 823 555

1 Dog At a Time Rescue UK 

June Chapman


1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK started by rescuing one dog in Romania. Once he had arrived safely in the UK we then rescued another, literally rescuing one dog at a time, which then grew to 2 and then 5 dogs and even more. 

In 2015 we set up the 1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK Facebook page & with the power of social media, we have grown & grown & have now helped rescue & rehome well over 700 Romanian street & stray dogs to date. 

With the help of our supporters & their kind donations, we have been able to provide medical care & treatment to so many other dogs as well. 

We fundraised to purchase our own shelter in Romania it's called Happy Tails. This is where our dogs can acclimatise to life. Our vet & the team of volunteers help them adjust & prepare them for their journey to their new homes. All our dogs have full rescue backup, a pet passport, & are fully vaccinated & neutered before traveling to their UK home.



Chimney Farm International Dog Rescue

Jennifer Avila


Chimney Farm International Dog Rescue has been rescuing dogs within the UK and abroad since 2014.

We are a registered charity who dedicate ourselves to helping the dogs that have been let down by man. 

We have rescued thousands of dogs over the years and found them loving safe homes in the UK. We have rescued dogs from the UK, Greece, Spain, France, Korea, Egypt. Rescue has no borders. All dogs deserve to live safe happy lives in loving homes. 

We use foster families within the Fleet, Hampshire area where the dogs adapt to UK life before finding their forever families. 

We are a small team of dedicated people doing what we can for dogs in need. New volunteers are always welcome. 

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