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Emma Hammett

Online - UK
Practical - London

First Aid for Pets is a multi-award-winning first aid training business. Our practical courses are taught by highly experienced veterinary nurses & will be tailored to your needs as pet businesses.

First Aid for Dogs was published in 2016 which included comprehensive practical & online dog first aid courses. These have proved incredibly popular & have featured in the Times with Hannah Betts. Jeremy Paxman joined us & wrote about this in SAGA magazine, the Express & Mail. We have also been filmed for Channel 4. First Aid for Pets has gone on to win numerous awards. 

We are passionate about providing the very highest quality first aid training for pet owners & those working in the pet industry. We pride ourselves at being at the forefront in educating people to prevent medical emergencies with their pets. Helping them understand how they can best help their pet in the first vital minutes folliwing a medical emergency, before they can get to the vet. 



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1st Aid Buddy

Hudson's Hounds

Vicki Hudson


We provide Canine first aid training at level 2 & 3. This is an OFQUAL regulated course with 5 hours CPD. The course provides a 3-year certificate which is Ideal for Pet owners & Pet professionals such as dog walkers, dog day care centres, kennels, home boarders, rescues, pet taxi’s, groomers & Veterinary nurses.

We are Fully Qualified & Insured with 5 years’ instructor experience & teach in small groups of 12 to ensure compliance & hands on practical training. I am currently undertaking an award in education & training at level 3.

The course covers all emergencies that could arise around dogs & prepares owners & handlers the knowledge deal with each situation. This includes CPR training, bleeding control, medical emergencies, fractures, anaphylaxis, breathing difficulties, shock, poisoning & much more.



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Pet Owners First Aid

Kerry Stubbs


 I am qualified registered experienced veterinary nurse who is still practising in local veterinary surgeries & gained the certificate in emergency & Critical Care a few years ago. I started running animal first aid courses in order to enable pet owners & pet professionals to be able to do the very best they can for their pets or animals within their care in that vital time period between an illness or injury occurring & reaching the veterinary surgery because, in some cases, that can mean the difference between life and death.

A Fully Accredited & certified animal first aid course directed at pet owners & pet professionals i.e. dog groomers, dog walkers, boarders & anyone working within the domestic pet industry.

The course is certified by CPD UK (offering 6 hours CPD) & accredited by AMTRA (offering 14 points) & Canine Hydrotherapy Association (refresher first aid courses offering 6 hours CPD), the course meets NARCH requirements.

In a relaxed environment in groups of a maximum of 12 people you will learn how to deal with a wide variety of scenarios that can affect animals within your care.


Pet Owners & Pet Professionals Animal First Aid Courses | Rainham | Facebook


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Blue Bear Animal Rehabilitation

Jael Dobson

Essex and Suffolk


Join the Blue Bear team to learn basic emergency first aid. This fun, informative & interactive event will give you the confidence to help your pet in an emergency situation.
Contact the Blue Bear team for booking enquiries.
Spaces are limited so reserve your place today.

First Aid for Animal Professionals, meets NARCH and CHA requirements 6 hours CPD, SEG ABC Aproved. Please contact us for dates.



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Bluebell Pet Care

Aubrey Oiller


L2 Pet First Aid. This course is ideal for pet owners and pet business professionals. It covers the main first aid subjects for Dogs and Cats but this information is also suitable for most other animals. Understanding basic first aid for your pet will give you the skills to assist them and prevent them from getting worse before professional help is given by your vet.

Learning pet first aid is fun and informative and will give you the skills to deal with a pet emergency should it arise. This course can be taken as a classroom course with us, an approved and monitored ProTrainings instructor, or it can be taken online and is video based.



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Rachel Bean RVN


An exciting way of learning how your dog's body works and what to do in the first instance if your dog is injured or has an accident.

You will learn: How to stem bleeding by applying a pressure bandage; Practical bandaging on real dogs - paws, head and ears; Identify the signs of poisoning; To understand the emergency of a gastric torsion (twisted gut); Resuscitation (CPR); How to deal with choking; What to do if your dog is having a seizure.

First Aid Workshop & OFQUAL Level 3 Qualification available.

Workshops are run nationally, please contact me for current available dates.

If you run a dog club, dog related business, or rescue centre and are interested in hosting a workshop on your premises please fell free to contact me to discuss.

First Aid is exactly that, please take your dog to a qualified veterinary surgeon for professional treatment after administering first aid.



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