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Cotswold Pet Cremation

Lisa & Simon

Cotswolds, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Warwickshire


At Cotswold Pet Cremation we promise a personal & individual pet cremation service.

We treat every single animal as though they are a member of our own family; with care, respect & compassion. 

Our approach is professional & personal in equal measures & we promise only individual cremations, thus ensuring the ashes safely returned are solely those of your pet.

We offer a trustworthy & safe pair of hands & we welcome you to bring your special pet to us directly when the sad time comes; this way, you can be reassured that you know exactly where your beloved pet is being looked after, &, also know the journey that brings them here; something we would want to know ourselves.

We understand how important it is for you to trust us with your pet, your memories & your friend.



01386 247 395

07946 052 941

Dignity Pet Crematorium

Kevin Spurgeon

South East England


Dignity Pet Crematorium is a multi-award winning, independent, family-owned pet cremation service. We only ever carry out individual pet cremations, meaning we guarantee the ashes you receive will only be of your beloved pet. We promise to give your pet the send-off

they deserve & we will treat them with wholehearted love & respect. Every pet will be handled with care & placed into an individual bed, as opposed to storing

your beloved pet in a freezer bag, which commonly happens elsewhere.

Dignity was founded by Barry & Carole Spurgeon in 1992. As a family we have always had pets of all shapes & sizes & we know first-hand the joy they bring to our lives. The business is now owned & run by Kevin Spurgeon, Barry & Carole’s son.

If you wish, you can have a paw print, fur clipping or other keepsake to remember them by. We have a beautiful selection of urns, jewellery & personalised memorials

available on our website to keep your companion close to you at all times.



01252 844 572 

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