Professional Dog Behaviourist Businesses

in West Sussex

If you run a Professional Dog Behaviourist Business in the UK and want to join us please email:

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Website Address/ Contact Number

Ravendale Training and Behaviour

Angela Rowland


- In Person Services

- Group Classes

- Online Services

- Online Classes

- L4 Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma

- Search Dog Handler Diploma

- Diploma in Canine Behaviour

- Canine Coaching Diploma

- Rescue Dog Cognition & Rehabilitation Diploma

- Canine Communication Diploma

- Master Course - Aggression in Dogs

- L.E.G.S Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Professional Course

- UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Tracking Instructor

- UK Sniffer Dogs Scent Detection Bronze Instructor



07747 560 091

Bone Canis

Mark Bridger- Pescott


- Video Consultations

- Behaviour Consultations

- Behaviour Sessions

- 1-2-1 Training Sessions

- Good Dog L1 Course

- Kids Around Dogs Course

- Training Classes

- Dog Training Club

- L6 Diploma Advanced Canine Behaviour

- L4 Advanced Behaviour Diploma

- Diploma Puppy Training

- L2 Pet Bereavement Support

- L1 CAMadvocate

- K.A.D Dogs in Schools Professional Course



07909 642 897

Canine Soul

Donna O'Keeffe


- Behavioural Sessions

- Puppy Care & Training Advice

- 121 Training

- L4 Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma

- L3 Dog Behaviour Diploma

- Canine Health & Nutrition Diploma

- First Aid Instructor

- Fun Dog Agility Diploma

- Puppy Training Diploma

- Dog Training Diploma

- Holistic Health

- Professional Dog Walking

- Puppy Care

- L1 Dog Law

- Canine Scentwork

- Scentwork UK L1-8

- Canine Wellbeing

- Canine Communicaton



07786 080 597

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