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If you run Canine Courses in the UK and want to join us please email:

iPET Network Ltd


iPET Network is an Awarding Organisation regulated by Ofqual, CCEA Regulation and Qualifications Wales.

Our Training Providers are a collection of schools, colleges, universities, trainers, coaches and mentors approved to deliver a range of qualifications for the Canine sector. 

iPET Network: Education for people, for pets, for the future!

Our qualifications and courses are designed to suit everybody. From a 30 day iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management to short 1 and 2 day Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and Canine First Aid Courses. 

We cater for novices wanting some confidence to those seeking a career at the highest standard in a lucrative industry.



08004 334 700

Help at Hand Dog Behaviour and Training 

Caroline Lewis


International Speaker, Writes for Edition Dogs, Mentors Trainers, Works alongside Vets. 

Providing consultations, workshops, seminars, talks, courses in the UK and Internationally. 

Courses are provided online on zoom, or in person in the UK or Internationally.

Courses cover: taking on rescue dogs, working in rescue, deaf dogs for owners, trainers, vets and all professionals, adolescent dogs, understanding aggression and how to work with it successfully using force free methods. 



07738 715 195

Dog Training College


Dog Training College brings together some of the world's best dog experts to deliver accredited courses for dog owners and professionals around the world. 

We provide CPD accredited courses which range from Canine Body Language, Reactivity, Behaviour and much more.

We have recently released the Dog Trainer Certificate Program which is a 6 month mentored online program to make you the best dog trainer in your area. 

We also offer free weekly webinars from some of the world's best dog experts which can be accessed via our YouTube channel. 



0800 471 4742

Open College UK Ltd

Mike Sherwood


Recognised UK Online Qualifications available directly through us on our website which vary from ETA Awards, Gatehouse Awards, IOSH, CPD, IATP, IIRSM, NVQ and ILM. 

Open Learning Qualifications. Diploma Awarded Courses in Dog Training, Canine Psychology, Canine Myotherapy/Dog Massage, Dog Tricks, Canine Nutrition + 35 canine related subjects.

All Distance Learning canine related courses offered use ONLY gentle, LOVING and kind reward-based methods of training. Using play methods, praise and food drives to learn.

We have been offering these courses for 20 years.



01527 875 497

Hudson's Hounds

Vicki Hudson

Bexleyheath Kent

We provide Canine First Aid Training at Level 2 (VTQ) for canine professionals and canine owners, this covers choking, respiratory issues, CPR, medical emergencies, drowning, shocj, bleeding, burns, fractures and much more. With a fully qualified instructor trained at Level 2 and 3 based in Bexleyheath Kent. This is a 3 year certificate. 

This is a 3.5 hour course designed for Dog owners or professionals. A CPD certificate is issued on successful completion of the course. This includes a practical element and CPR training using CasPeR the manikin. Each course has 12 places.

The course is priced at £50.00 per person including registration with Pro-trainings and an authorised CPD certificate. There is also an endorsed certificate available from TQUK (training Qualifications UK) for an additional £10.00. This can be ordered from Pro Trainings directly once the course is completed.



07702 194 148

Sue Oliver Dog Grooming Studio Ltd

Sue Oliver


- Dog Grooming Courses

- Canine First Aid Course

- Dog Walking C & G L2

- Pet Sitting C & G L2. 

Sue Oliver Dog Grooming Studio Ltd is a Dog Grooming School which is managed by Sue Oliver in Derbyshire. Having had over 20 years’ experience in the dog grooming industry along with teaching, Sue runs the dog grooming school to offer training to people who want to become dog groomers themselves. The grooming school has a team of qualified staff to ensure that students have a great learning experience, students train in a commercial salon, with a range of customers dogs to get a real hands-on approach. The courses offered are part time & include the Certified Professional Groomer & City & Guilds Dog Grooming. 



07966 141 320

UK Sniffer Dogs Ltd

Jamie and Gemma Pound


- Scent Detection

- Tracking

UK Sniffer Dogs provide scent-based courses, workshops and competitions within the disciplines of Scent Detection and Tracking for dog trainers and dog owners. Practical and online courses available. Start at entry-level Bronze and work your way up to Gold. 



07545 893 631

Four Paws Groom School


Get qualified with Four Paws Groom School! With schools in Cheshire, Kent & Herefordshire we have the location & training course to suit you! We offer a modern training environment with a warm & friendly team who welcome anyone wanting to gain skills in dog grooming.  We focus on individual needs & can guide complete beginners into the grooming industry or aid those wishing to further develop their Canine or Feline grooming knowledge. 

We offer the iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming & Salon Management qualification which meets the high standards set by The Groomers Spotlight, meaning those gaining this qualification can proudly call themselves a qualified dog groomer. This Ofqual, CCEA Regulation and Qualifications Wales regulated qualification is on the national framework & recognised by the grooming industry. This qualification is completed over 30 days of practical skills training in one of our schools, but is also available as a fast-track course for experienced groomers who can study & be assessed in their own salon or remotely via video link.

Coastk9 Fertility Courses Ltd

Lorna Foley


Our courses are designed to offer training that can be the beginning of your own small business or an additional service to an existing enterprise. From wanting to become a clinic offering full canine fertility services, a breeder wanting to improve your breeding success, to a dog groomer wanting to offer microchipping or more as a part of your services we can help make that a reality.

We offer a collection of courses which can be delivered in person or via video chat. Our aim is to provide simple and effective training that covers what could be complex material and leaves the learner confident to take their new skills out into the world.

Fully qualified in all areas of canine fertility first aid veterinary nursing to level four, and a lot more. I have been teaching for five years and running a clinic for 12 years. 



08000 439 292

Canine Support

Katharine Brunsch


Canine Support has a variety of online courses specifically built for sensitive, fearful, anxious, & nervous dogs. These online courses support dogs & their guardians so that training can begin at home in low-stress environments. All clients have access to the VIP Client Community, which provides monthly group Zoom coaching sessions, monthly activities, & a Facebook community for even more support & coaching. The online courses work well with in-person training sessions, giving you the best of both worlds. Personalised programs are also available.

Katharine only uses kind & gentle training methods, encouraging self-confidence & improving the dog's physical, mental, & emotional well-being. Katharine works closely with clients, providing a 'coach in your pocket' for complete support throughout the training.



07369 251 682

Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Services & Training Academy

Christina O'Donnell

Inverclyde Scotland

Pawsitively Purrfect Training Academy can help you. Whether you want to pursue a career in pet grooming, learn to groom your own pets, learn how to care for your pets, pursue a career in dog walking or pet sitting or ensure pets are safe in your hands by completing a Pet First Aid Course, our Training Academy can help you get there.  Pet ownership in the UK is on the rise & owners need their pets looked after & need to know that they are in good hands. With iPET qualifications & our own courses, as well as a fully equipped professional salon, there’s no better time to get started.

Based at our multi award winning established salon in Inverclyde, we are an iPET Qualification Approved Centre & provide a professional, relaxed & fun environment in which to learn & grow your skills. We teach a variety of courses to get you started, or to continue your pet education. Our salon is equipped with all you need & courses are tailored to suit the needs of the learner. Your tutor is an experienced & qualified Groomer with a wealth of training experience. We take a holistic approach & animals are not crated or caged. This holistic approach will be reflected in your training. 



07484 325 675

01475 742142

Rachel Bean RVN


An exciting way of learning how your dog's body works and what to do in the first instance if your dog is injured or has an accident.

You will learn: How to stem bleeding by applying a pressure bandage; Practical bandaging on real dogs - paws, head and ears; Identify the signs of poisoning; To understand the emergency of a gastric torsion (twisted gut); Resuscitation (CPR); How to deal with choking; What to do if your dog is having a seizure.

First Aid Workshop & OFQUAL Level 3 Qualification available.

Workshops are run nationally, please contact me for current available dates.

If you run a dog club, dog related business, or rescue centre and are interested in hosting a workshop on your premises please fell free to contact me to discuss.

First Aid is exactly that, please take your dog to a qualified veterinary surgeon for professional treatment after administering first aid.



07788 956 164

Know Your Dog

Sally Lewis


The Know Your Dog Online Learning Hub is home to a variety of courses and webinars suitable for dog guardians, dog professionals, and dog lovers alike. There are courses on various topics to help you & your dog on your journey together, to help you gain a better understanding of their behaviour, and how you can use an empathetic choice-based, positive approach.

Courses include courses for rescue dogs, reactive dogs, puppies, ex-street dogs, guardians who are working on training & coaching new skills, and more, preparing for the arrival of a baby, and more.

All courses and webinars are put together by Sally Lewis who is a Certified Canine Behaviourist, and has a wealth of experience working with dogs and their families.

Sally is also a published author on the topic of dog behaviour and a speaker at many dog events.



07824 512 885

Pupstarts Breeders

Rebecca Walters


I’ve been a dog breeder for 16 years, and I know how difficult it can be to get clear information on dog breeding.

You’re not alone in thinking the dog breeding industry feels like a very “closed shop.” Learning how to breed ethically and responsibly can feel like an enormous challenge.

But, with Pupstart’s dog breeding courses, you can benefit from a wealth of experience both in and out of the whelping box.

Our complete range of dog breeding courses empower ethical dog breeders to breed, whelp and raise better puppies. Our courses cover: breeding, pregnancy & whelping; puppy socialisation for breeders; puppy profiling; early puppy training for new owners; breeder paperwork including schedules, routines and monitoring for healthy, happy pups. 



07980 036 508

Freya V Locke Dog Behaviourist Author Blogger

Freya V Locke


Join us at the Fun Not Fear® Club. We celebrate the bond between humans and dogs. We do it through positive reinforcement, empathy, and fun. We’re not just teaching dogs. We are building a community. In it, every dog has the chance to thrive in a loving, fear-free place.

"Fun Not Fear®️ Club is an affordable & easy way to gain access to a chartered & certified behaviourist and trainer, at a fraction of the cost of 121 sessions.

Through our club we have exclusive live & interactive online weekly sessions, plus courses for dog parents about feeding, training, various behavioural struggles & helping your anxious dog to become their most confident and appropriately behaved selves.

We only use Fun Not Fear®️ methods in all our teaching of dogs and are continuously updated and adding to our content.



07910 748 037

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