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All Natural Dog Products

Michelle Fall

National Online Business

We only sell 100% all natural dog treats. Dog health & well being is at the very heart of what we do. Our treats are the very best quality sourced from the UK & EU only. 

We have a wide range of treat boxes available & we can customise boxes for dogs who have food intolerances. 

We have a large selection of natural long lasting chews, training treats & everything else to keep your dog happy & healthy. 



07449 444 899

Law's Paws

Dawn & Laura Swinley


“You are what you eat” and this applies to our four-legged friends.

Dawn is a nutritional therapist and is certified in Canine Nutrition and Health. Just like human’s, food has a huge impact on health and well-being. It is a minefield out there with some very clever marketing and poor-quality products, yes, there is canine “fast food”.

Dawn is here to help you make sense of it all and find the right diet for your beloved pet as what suits one will not suit another.

Dawn also offers a food intolerance/sensitivity test which can save time, money and stress and a happier healthier dog.



07940 594 005

07960 781 715

Rewarding Pet Nutrition Ltd

Laura Ward

(BSc Hons)


Dogs are unique & so are their nutritional needs. There is no one way to feed our dogs. Understanding your dog’s food & nutrition can be complicated – but it doesn’t need to be. I created Rewarding Pet Nutrition as throughout my studies & career I have found that pet parents find giving good nutrition to their dogs difficult. From identifying a healthy body size, to knowing whether a food suits their pooch, to how much to feed. That’s why I’m a Pet Nutritionist on a mission to demystify dog food & empower owners everywhere. To remove the stress around nutrition for individual dogs amongst so much conflicting information. To improve the health of our beloved, cheeky pooches with nutrition which suits them.

Why do I do what I do? To make pet nutrition fun and simple for everyone.



07434 637 644

Preziosa Dachshunds

Louise Rippon


Not being satisfied at being a raw and natural feeding enthusiast in the dachshund world, we found a gap in the market for dog ‘treats’, that did not compromise our beloved dogs health. We couldn’t understand why there was not an option for something they found delicious which also did them the world of good at the same time...


We launched in November 2021 and even with the biggest hopes in the world, we could not have prepared for the success that we have been met with.

We now supply a huge number of businesses throughout the UK. We have dropped on 1000’s of domestic doormats all across Europe. We sell online, at shows and fetes, we are stocked by several independent retailers and we also have sponsored the local garlic festival dog show. 



07488 337 550

Canine Soul

Donna O'Keeffe

Unless your vet is qualified in canine nutrition they cannot give expert advice on diet or nutrition. I am a qualified nutritionist and can help you make the right choices whilst offering independent advice on all nutrition including RAW. How to keep your dog healthy and well balanced, including weight management.



07786 080 597

The Doggie Pawtisserie

Danielle Swann

Due to the amount of additives in dog treats, I researched & found out that I can make dog treats with no added extra 'bad stuff'. This has been a wonderful world of learning what is healthy, what is tasty and what is bad for our wonderful doggie companions. We are a finalist in The Local Pet Awards within the Local Pet Feed Manufacturer of the Year 2023. We also provide some extra items that are useful for doggies! Treat jars as an example!




07748 020 620

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Law's Paws