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Force - Free Training & Methods Only

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Loosen The Lead

Suzie Smith


- Full Behaviour Reports

- Specialise in Rescue & Brahycephalic Breeds

- Science Backed Force Free Training Methods. 

- L5 Diploma in Canine Behaviour

- Canine First Aid

- Perfect Puppy

- Master Course in Aggression in Dogs


Loosen the Lead | Facebook


07841 400 550

Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset

Pawsome Training and Behaviour

Lyndsey Hooper


- Private Training

- Group Training

- Puppy Training

- Obedience Training 

- Rescue Training

- Reactivity Training

- Behavioural Consultations

- Lifeskill zero to hero

- BSc Honours Animal Behaviour & Welfare

- MRes Animal Behaviour & Welfare

- Pro Dog Trainer Geek Course

- Pro Dog Trainer Training Course

- Dog First Aid Emergency Canine Care



07726 165 075 

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