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Rebecca Elliott Dog Behaviour & Training

Rebecca Elliott


- 121 Puppy Training

- L5 Analysis, application, understanding & working with canine behaviour.

- L4 Consultations, foundations & function of behaviour.

- Principles of Dog Training & Behaviour

- Dynamic Dog Practitioner

- L3 Canine Nutrition.



07768 723 598

Puppy School Plymouth

Francesca Lees


- Puppy Classes

- 121 Puppy Training

- BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour

- RCVS Registered Veterinary Nurse, L3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing

- Puppy School Tutor Certificate

- Fear Free Certified Professional



07708 663 626

Pawsonal Dog Walker & Trainer

Alison Brown


- Puppy Socialisation Sessions

- Canine First Aid

- 3 day easy peasy puppy Instructor

- 1 Day Perfect Puppy

- Loose Lead Masterclass

- The recall Masterclass

- Canine Fear Course

- Dog Reactivity Workshop

- Sirius Dog Trainer Academy

- Desensitisation & Counter Conditioning

- Solving Seperation Related Problems



07720 756 848

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